Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Baby #2 at 30 Weeks

Total Weight Gain: 23.5 pounds

What I eat: I met with the nutritionist on Tuesday morning and have been feeling much better ever since.  At my original meeting with the nurse, I was allowed 3 meals and 2 small snacks. I've been so hungry. I've never felt so aware of my blood sugar and how food effects me. During meals, I'd be so full I couldn't finish -- I'm sure the fact that my stomach is being pushed aside by the little guy doesn't help that-- but shortly after I'd be extremely hungry.  Sunday night was my lowest point. I woke up crying because I was so hungry in the middle of the night and didn't know what to eat.  At the appointment, I was able to talk to her about my blood sugar readings, food log and concerns. She agreed that I wasn't given enough carb grams in the original diet and the new plan distributes my food more evenly. It's 3 smaller meals and 3 small snacks. It really seems to be working out and I no longer feel the highs and lows of my blood sugar taking over. Even my blood sugar readings have been more level. 

We went to dinner at Olive Garden last night and I've never enjoyed a more delicious breadstick in my life!  With the breadstick, I ate salad - minus the croutons, salmon and broccoli -- not exactly Italian cuisine, but it was good. 

Big Brother News:  Owen is the cutest big brother ever! This morning he told us to feel his belly, lifted his shirt, and waited for us to put our hands on his stomach.  He talks about his baby brother all the time. I think he's getting excited! Two of our friends are having babies this week and it helps that his buddies will be getting a new baby at their house too. 

Nesting: Big time! I've been working on curtains and Brendon's been given the big jobs of installing fans in the boys rooms. It's starting to get hot here in Vegas and their rooms are the hottest spots in the house. We bought fans and Owen loved helping Daddy install them. 

 He read the instructions to Daddy. 

Climbed the ladder. 

Made sure all the wires were connected correctly. 

They made a good team because the fans in both rooms are working! Owen (who has always been a fan of fans, especially at Lowes and Home Depot) wakes up smiling about his fan. It's the little things I guess. :O)

The guys have also been doing lots of grilling. Owen waited all day for Daddy to come home so they could grill out together. It was adorable! 

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  1. Hey That looks like our grill! Did you take it out of storage?