Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Baby #2 at 31 Weeks

This week has been so much fun! We've had the best time working on projects, playing outside, and Baby#2 even has a name! 

Total Weight Gain: 23.5 pounds.   
This gestational diabetes diet is keeping me thin and I'm much less hungry this week. But, I'm not gaining weight and my clothes even feel more roomy -- which is the weirdest feeling EVER during pregnancy! I bought clothes a week before I found out about the diagnosis and even chose to go up a size larger than my regular clothes, figuring I'd soon be filling them out, but now they're slipping off. 

Doctors Visits: I met with my new doctor this week and things are looking up! The Women's Health Clinic is much easier to make appointments with, has shorter wait times when I show up to appointments, and they actually answer the phone when I call. At this appointment, I met with a midwife. She was much more knowledgeable about the Labor and Delivery side of the hospital and even had more information for me about ultrasounds and regular check up routines.  I left this appointment feeling way more confident in the hospital.

Owen's been such a trooper traveling back and forth to all my doctors appointments.  All the extra driving has really taught our little guy a lot about the rules of the road. 

Look at him, driving with hands at 10 & 2!

 He loves the horn and wants to honk at people all the time. We've had to tell him that you only honk when some makes a bad choice.  The other day he heard a car horn honking outside our house and walked out to the backyard and yelled over the fence, "Car, you need to make good choices!"  

He loves to stop for gas, but his car is much harder to fill than Mommy and Daddy's cars. 

Nursery: We've made HUGE changes to the nursery this week. 

I finished making the blackout curtains, following Midwest Magnolia's tutorial and they turned out perfectly! It really is a simple project, but the windows are big and juggling all the fabric was the trickiest party. 

There's actually baby furniture in there instead of a king size mattress and moving boxes, that we've been using as nightstands for guests -- haha.

 Owen gave Daddy instructions on how to put the crib together. 

Today, we Brendon put together the new glider chair. It ended up being such a good deal --- we got $100 off at Babies R Us!  I've loved the chair since I first saw it. It's small, comfy, and more modern looking than most gliders. After calling Babies R Us, I learned that the chair is being replaced by a new model in 2-3 months and within the entire state of Nevada there is only ONE in stock!  We drove to Babies R Us this morning to pick it up and not only got the sale price for it, but an additional 20% off!

Owen wanted me to hold him like a baby and rock him in it. 

Izzi has claimed it as his own and hasn't left the baby's room all night. 

Here's the room! It's still a work in progress but now has a crib, chair, curtains and A NAME!

Baby #2 officially has a name (well, 2 out of 3 names at least) 

He'll be Luke ______ Herbeck. 

Brendon and I can't settle on a middle name. 
Our middle name options are ... Chandler or Christopher. 
At this point, I have no idea what will be the tie breaker. 

Maybe we should put it to a vote --- which name do you like best? 

Big Brother News: Owen's been having a blast. We've gone to lots of birthday parties lately and now he can't stop talking about Charles' Construction Trucks and Aiden's Pirate Party! 

The summer-like heat is also wearing him out! We don't eat out much anymore, but decided we'd go to Cane's for lunch the other day. (I ate 2 chicken fingers and about 10 french fries with water... no sweet tea or yummy bread and it just wasn't the same.) Owen was so excited to go to "The Chicken Store" ...just like the one in Shreveport... but he fell asleep in the car and didn't wake up for almost 4 hours! We moved him from the carseat into the very loud restaurant, back to the carseat, into his bed and he woke up so confused about how he ended up in his room!  He was also very upset that he didn't get any chicken. :O(

Brendon's Nesting: Usually the pregnant woman gets all the credit for "nesting" but Brendon's doing his fair share too! Our "Harry Potter Closest" under the stairs has been a disaster since we moved in. It has a lot of space, but not much vertical storage space.  At one point we had a tall bookshelf in their holding all my decorations and holiday pieces.  The shelf blocked half the doorway and, even worse, the light switch.

Brendon took everything out of the closet, measured, cut, sanded, installed and painted shelves along the back wall and now the closet feels gigantic!

Even my stash of wreaths has a home now at the top of the closet. 

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  1. You look great! I'm jealous that you could eat Cane's at all and not go out of range with your numbers. I couldn't even look at fried food. And now for the name game. . . Luke Christopher Herbeck or Luke Chandler Herbeck? They both look great on paper, have the same monogram, but I guess I'll pick Christopher. It rolls off my tongue easier. Either way, Luke will have a great strong name. We miss yall!