Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Baby #2 at 32 Weeks

Total Weight Gain: Same, 23.5 pounds.  Almost everyone that sees me throughout the week has commented that my belly is looking bigger this week. I completely agree! I've been sewing lots of things for Luke's room and every time I look down I find threads, cloth scraps, or a web of hot glue gun string hanging from my belly. 

Cravings and Cooking: Brendon's been grilling a lot lately and made me this delicious cedar plank tilapia. I still haven't convinced him to eat fish with me, but Owen ate it!  ~Thank you, Dinosaur Train! That's a show we let him watch on PBS about a family of pterandons and all their dinosaur friends.  They are always talking about eating fish and he was perfectly happy eating his fish for dinner as long as we pretend that he's a pterandon!  

My blood sugar numbers are almost always good. I've found that I can't eat things like sub bread or most type of sweets.  I still crave them... I've started a running list of things to eat after the baby is born!

The other night, Brendon and I were watching an episode of Man Vs. Food, which normally makes me want to eat a salad, but this time I found myself in tears as I watched him eat a giant sandwich and milkshake. Tears.Real.tears! I couldn't even believe it~ 

Nursery Update: I made a BOX--- 4 boxes actually and they are all the same size, perfectly level and fit inside the changing table! I wouldn't say that making a box is that hard, but I combined two different online tutorials plus added in my own level of difficulty by adding a decorative trim to the top and creating a new way of finishing the inside of the box. I'm going to write a post all about it, so that next time I want to make these boxes I'll have all my measurements and step by step instructions written down in one place, along with pictures of the process. 

Next up in the room, I'll be covering canvases with fabric and hanging them above the changing table. I went to Michael's today and spent nearly an hour trying to find the right arrangement of sizes and shapes. I'm still not sure exactly how it will turn out. I bought several different canvas frames and decided to work on the project at home.  I was beginning to feel like a Michael's employee after 2 different ladies asked me questions about the store and where they could find things!

Naming the Baby: Luke Christopher Herbeck

This week Brendon and I celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary! 
He gave me a printer. 
I gave him the baby's middle name. 

After Brendon installed my printer, I put it to good use and printed off a contract that I'd made. It's just a silly piece of paper, but I knew Brendon would love it and it would mean so much to him. He really-really wanted the baby's middle name to be Christopher.  The name I was rooting for, Chandler, had no sentimental value or meaning ...other than the fact that I love FRIENDS... so I'll save it for the next baby when I get to choose! :O)

I hid the frame in the house and told him to go looking for his present. Owen loved playing hide and seek for gifts! 

Brendon couldn't wait to sign on the line! I love the look on his face as he read it. :O) 

Big Brother News: Owen and Daddy have been spending lots of time coming up with new, fun, indoor games (hello 100 degree temps!)

They used the baby's nursery rocking chair box to create a time tunnel for the trains to drive in. Tomorrow is trash day and the time tunnel will be leaving the house --- we'll see how well that goes over with Owen.

Here they are all snuggled in a blanket. It's 100 degrees and feels like summer outside, but inside our house winter is in full force and "Cold front Brittany" is freezing them out!  

I thought this was so adorable! I was upstairs, making the boxes for the nursery, and heard the boys laughing and squealing. When I looked over the railing, they were playing "Throw the ball" and had matching pillows behind their heads!  I'd never really considered how much fun it could be for a little guy to have a two-story house until I heard them playing and laughing as they tossed the balls up as high as possible and watched them roll down. 

Coming up later this week, I'll be going to the doctor again and this time the whole family gets to see the baby!  That's one perk to having gestational diabetes... we get lots of in-office ultrasounds now. 

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