Thursday, July 4, 2013

Baby #2 at 35 Weeks

We've been spending this week in Phoenix with Jessica and Bryce! I'd say we left Vegas to get out of the heat, but let's face it... Phoenix is only 4 or 5 degrees cooler and any temperature in the triple digits can't be considered "cooler"... It's been so much fun!  I'm 35 weeks and Jessica is 18 weeks.  We're both doing great and Brendon's been a champ dealing with two pregnant mommas and two very active little boys! He's even set us free during nap time, which is not very common for us stay-at-home-moms. We've spent our free nap times getting pedicures and we went to see a movie.   

Belly Update: My belly is completely asymmetrical! Most of the time, Luke is hanging out on my right side and he must be curled up in a ball.  The huge baby lump is always moving and even the cats have noticed.  Izzi was sitting on my lap this week and swatted back at my belly when it started moving around!  

At our doctors visit, we had another ultrasound and Luke is now head-down! All the crazy exercises have worked. 

Nesting:  I finished the baby's bedding! While I was cutting and sewing {and crossing my fingers that this thing turned out right} I started appreciating the bedding my sister, Alicia, made 3 years ago, for Owen's nursery, even more! It was fun to make this bedding with the new fabrics, but it was also very convenient to just unpack the beautiful bedding from a gift box and admire it!

Once I finished the last few stitches and tied the bumper to the crib, all the cutting, ironing, sewing, time... plus stretching, bending, reaching, and hoping that I could roll myself off the floor... were worth the effort!
I love how it turned out.

It's a small thing to be proud of, but my favorite part it that the designs in the fabric all line up seamlessly! I made sure that when I cut the fabric pieces and connected them they would continue as one picture. The seam in the corner connects two pieces of fabric and the cars look exactly like one without a seam running down the middle.

Izzi likes the changing pad!  Our friends came over with their son and newborn daughter, so I pulled out our old changing pad cover for them to use while they were over. Izzi thought the new bed was made just for him!

Exciting things this week:  On Saturday, I went to a combined baby shower for me and Pamela. She and I have been at the same MOPS {Mother's of Preschoolers} table this year and our due dates are one day apart! Our friend, Alyssa, hosted a Luau themed shower for us. Everything was adorable... surf boards, leis, and lots of bright colors.  I'll have more pictures to share soon... for now, I have a picture of B holding those tiny newborn diapers!

We have super sweet friends that gave us lots of new baby bath supplies, clothes, and this perfect little blanket.  How talented is my friend, Jennifer?!? She made this beautiful blanket to match the baby's room decor. 

Big Brother News: Owen's as cute as ever! 

Wearing Daddy's boots... 

and snuggling with Daddy.

He's also had the best time with Bryce! 

He and Brendon went out for frozen yogurt and he made me so proud when he asked for cookie dough bites on his yogurt...Just like his Momma would {if I could, that is}! 

While in Phoenix, we ate dinner at Chick-fil-a! It was as good as I remembered --- I really wish we had one on Las Vegas! 

Owen has absolutely loved having his Daddy home all week! Daddy's so much fun at
 the play place.... he even went down the slide head first! 

It turns out that the slide isn't quite made for the over 4 feet tall crowd, but Owen was still highly impressed by his Daddy's skills! 

 How cute are they? 

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  1. Brittany, you are awesome! The bumpers look amazing! I love how clean-lined and modern Luke's room looks!