Thursday, June 27, 2013

Baby #2 at 34 Weeks

Only 6 weeks to go! 
Somehow that seems like a blink-of-an-eye and lightyears away.... 

We're getting more and more prepared for Luke's arrival everyday. I've taken out all of Owen's hand-me-downs so he'll have clothes to wear, put the blankets and toys and wipes in their places, and even Owen is talking more about when his brother will be here.  He's particularly excited about having his baby brother in the car with him. We'll be buying the car seat next week and attaching it into the car, just incase Luke makes an early appearance... I don't think that will happen, but I'd rather be prepared! 

The belly update: I'd say this is the week I've noticed the most change in my belly. My belly button is weirdest it's ever looked - sort of a innie with an out tucked inside. It's totally strange --- with Owen it just went completely flat.  

I've been feeling lots of new pregnancy side effects.... restless legs, a numbness and tingling at the top of my belly, and it takes extra effort to bend down.  If I'm not waking up at night to go to the bathroom, I'm awake and trying to nurse a charlie-horse in my calf.  The other night Brendon got one and I couldn't help but giggle as he squirmed and tried to stretch it out. I'm glad it's dark when they attack my legs because I'm sure I look like a fish flopping out of water while I wrestle in the sheets each night and try to stretch out the pain! 

In an effort to encourage Luke to turn head-down, I've been doing all the exercises that my doctor recommended trying.  We go back to the doctor on Friday and I'm so hopeful that all the massages, standing on my head and visualization {yes, that was actually on my list of exercises} have worked.  I feel small movements now on my left side and I really really want that to mean that he's turned!

Nesting: Brendon and I worked together to make the cloth covered canvases that we're using to decorate above the changing table.  He assembled the frames and we worked together to cover them with fabric. The end result is exactly what we wanted. Plus, hanging them was so easy--- thanks to Velcro-like Command Strips.

I started making the bumpers for Luke's crib this week, too. About 10 minutes into cutting the fabric, I realized that I should have started this project about 5 weeks ago. It's not going to take long to make them, but my big ol' belly does not make it easy to move. I was laying out the fabric on the ground, crawling around as I made the cuts, and doing lots of back and forth to the ironing board. It was harder than my prenatal workouts!  My goal is to have them finished before Saturday. We'll be going to Phoenix on Sunday and I'd love to have all the big sewing projects complete before we leave. 

It looks like I'm going to have tons of extra fabric, so I may take a stab at quilting too. I've only made one quilt, back when I was in elementary school, and I had Meamaw's help. We'll see if actually becomes a quilt... it might just be a two pieces of fabric with binding around the edges! 

Baby's New Things: Luke got two new onesies from Grandma & Grandpa this week. Owen loved the dinosaur picture and I thought the messages were very appropriate for a little brother. I'm sure he'll be destroying lots of his big brothers train tracks and creations once he's a little older! 

Big Brother News:  Owen and Maddux, a friend he made at swim lessons, had so much fun swimming with their Daddy's, while the Mom's watched from the shade.  The boys did take a break from the water to eat every snack we had in our bags and try out Maddux's little brother's car seat. It blows my mind that Owen is still technically under the weight limit for that infant carrier... he looks huge in there! 

Owen also got to help Daddy do a little work on his car.  Owen's toolbox had everything he needed for changing the tires --- a tape measure, screwdriver, and a pliers!

He's had lots of special playdates this week, but I don't have a single picture! We went to Kids Club with our playgroup and then had his buddy, Grayson, over for swimming and lunch. Owen went on a Daddy Date to a baseball game and even came home with a baseball that Brendon caught! 

And, now... for the real cuteness!

Owen is fascinated by the garbage man. He waits by the window on our trash pick up days to see the truck drive down the street. Then, he throws on his shoes and wants to sit outside and wait for them to drive by and pick up our trash. 

They're really good sports and always honk the horn for him as they approach our house. 

He watches them load the trash and then gives me a full summary of what they did. 

When it's not garbage day, he pretends to be the garbage man... using our laundry baskets.  The small basket is the trash can and the larger laundry basket with a lid is the trash truck. 

Sometimes he takes a break inside the "trashcan" :O)

Here's a video of the garbage man at work! 

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  1. Everything looks great (especially you)! Reading about Owen's play dates really makes me miss you.