Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Baby #2 at 36 Weeks

I'm 36 weeks ... and tired! (Which is quite evident... since I'll be 37 weeks tomorrow and just now writing the 36 week post!)

This week I realized how much harder it is to function while carrying this belly around.  While sitting in the car, driving home from Phoenix, my ankles started swelling... just from sitting! Picking things up off the floor usually begins with a long pause, while I decide if it's really worth picking up. I have come up with clever ways to use my toes to pick things up instead of bending over and I'm pretty sure that the deep cleaning session I just completed on the house will be the last one before Luke arrives. It took me the entire day, plus a little help from B to get everything finished, and I was still recovering from it a day later!

 My little cleaning helper was very well behaved while I spent the day cleaning. He played with every toy we own and thoroughly scattered them around downstairs. Crawling around on the floor to pick up all those little pieces made me wish we'd never given him Legos! 

Brendon's done some work on the baby's room. He made two shelves to go above the crib. 

Owen helped by playing with the tennis ball in the garage! 

He used his new Kreg jig to drill diagonal holes in the wood and connected the pieces together. 

The finished product is perfect! 

I still have a few accessories that I need to work on for the shelves, but I filled them with a few signs and frames we had already.

While we were in Phoenix, Brendon and I went on a date! Which is noteworthy since our last date was in November. We had such a great time going out to dinner and eating in peace... no cooling off anyone else's food, no cutting it into little pieces, no asking "do you need to go potty?" Having a full conversation without any interruptions was wonderful! 

After dinner we went shopping, there was a Hobby Lobby and a mall right across from the restaurant.  While in Hobby Lobby, Brendon spotted the most perfect table for Luke's room. We've been brainstorming ideas on how to make one, but never really loved the ideas. This one is perfect! It fits the vintage car theme, colors, and is the perfect size to fit a small lamp next to the rocking chair. And, it was $27 --- score! 

We walked the entire mall and did a little window shopping at the Apple Store. Even though Owen wasn't with us, we still went in the Disney Store. Owen got two new Monsters University shirts!  Brendon and I laughed at ourselves when we came home with gifts for the kids and nothing for ourselves! The time together was worth more than anything we could have bought. Thank you, Jessica, for braving Owen and Bryce alone for the evening so that we could go on a date night! 

We also celebrated the 4th of July with Jessica.  The base had an event with bounce houses, water games, and fireworks.  Owen did great while watching the fireworks show.... The earmuffs have made such a difference for him. He just doesn't like loud noises. 

I guess all the excitement of playing with Bryce for a week really wore him out. We heard a loud thud and walked into his room to find him on the floor. He rolled off the bed and didn't even wake up!

I couldn't contain my laughter as I watched Brendon lift the little guy back into his bed. He was completely covered, face and all, by his blanket and didn't notice that he was being lifted into the air and put back into his bed! Looks like we'll be keeping the roll-rail up on his bed for a while longer. 

Once we were back in Las Vegas, Owen helped Daddy with some tree trimming and plant saving. The extreme heat did a number on several of the backyard plants.  We're watering as much as we're allowed now to try and save them. 

The day I took this picture, Owen was working on a color by number type puzzle that he got from his friend, Tristen.  He said... "Mommy, I need to call Tristen and see if he can help me with my puzzle. But, I don't have time to talk!" .... It must be tough to be 3! :O) 

Owen also graduated to the next level at swim school. He's learned so much and is becoming a very good swimmer. We are so proud of him!  We took him out to dinner to celebrate his success and he carried his ribbon in with him! 

Brendon was wearing his uniform, Owen was showing off his ribbon, and I waddled in behind them.... I guess we were noticeable because a very nice older man bought our dinner for us. That's the second time that's happened to us since Easter and both times it's made me want to cry right there in the restaurant!  I see Brendon in his uniform all the time and I'm completely thankful for the life he provides for us, but it really blows me away when strangers thank him for being in the Air Force.  

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