Wednesday, August 21, 2013

First Day of Preschool

Today was Owen's first day of Preschool! 

After taking his picture in front of the house, he decided to sit on the step and wait for us to get the car loaded.  He was ready! 

Time to go! He was just a little bit excited :O) 

The whole family walked him to his classroom. Once we got there, he was cautious and observant.  The butterflies definitely set in.  He was quietly holding on to B's leg while he watched the other kids play. 

He was happy to see his buddy, Maddux, before school started. And, it's really bright in the courtyard, so they're super squinty eyed. 

I considered sending him with an "I like BIG books and I cannot lie" tote... but decided to start out with the Thomas the Train bag instead. 

After quietly finding his chair, he saw the Playdough and no longer cared if we were there or not! It made leaving easier, sort of... he didn't even notice us leaving. 

Brendon, Luke, and I went to the grocery store while he was at school. It was the quietest grocery shopping trip we'd had in the last 3 years! Luke enjoyed his one-on-one time, by taking a nap. :O)

We were excited to pick him up and see how his day went. 
This is my conversation with Owen about the drawing we found in his folder after class. 

Mommy: This is great! What did you draw?
Owen: (Talking very slowly) It's an orange l-i-n-e. 
Mommy: Oh, yes. I see that now! 

And, after a fun day he was one tired boy!


  1. Thanks for sharing Owen's first day Brittany. I can't believe he's old enough for preschool already! Love the picture of him sitting on the step waiting patiently!

  2. Big boy! I'm so glad he enjoyed his first day of school.