Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Baby #2 at 38 Weeks

I'm 38 Weeks today and craving this... 

I went to Smith's to buy butter and was by this chocolate cake. {Obviously, since I took a picture of it!} I've loved being pregnant, but this gestational diabetes diet is for the birds! I'm ready for some cake, cookies, candy, and a root beer... I'll probably get sick when I actually do get to indulge in sweets, but I think it just might be worth it! 

This week our playgroup friends threw a "Baby Sprinkle" for me during our Friday meetup! They had decorations, food, baby shower games, and gave us lots diapers, blankets, clothes, and baby supplies. It was so much fun to talk about our babies and experiences. I'm so thankful for these girls and all the fun we have, plus the kids love each other and play really well together! 

After I put all the new baby things away, Brendon and I put the finishing touches on Luke's room! 

I've been trying to find the perfect things to add to the shelves above his bed and mentioned to Brendon that I wanted a hubcap for his room. I've found them online, but didn't really want to pay $25-50 for an old car part that would be hanging on the wall. B came to the rescue when he found this one on the side of the road! He gave it a good cleaning and attached a wire to the back so that it can hang on the wall. I think it's perfect and love that it was free! 

All we need now is a photo of our family of 4 for the frame! 

My friend, Brenda, gave us a gift in this dark brown basket and I loved how it looked on the changing table. It perfectly holds all those teeny tiny newborn diapers and wipes.  

I had a serge of energy over the weekend, which I took advantage of and finished sewing the Boppy covers and changing pad covers for the nursery.  Now, all of my sewing projects are finished and I'm back to being tired again! 

Maybe I just feel like I can rest now that we're prepared for baby!  His closet is so full of baby clothes. Having two boys is really convenient! I washed all of Owen's newborn to 3 month size clothes and put them up in the closet for baby brother. I can't wait to see Luke wear the same outfits that Owen wore.  

Owen's been enjoying the new stroller. He loves that he can sit on the back and asks us all the time when we are going to take him for a walk with his brother.  

Our little swimmer is doing such a great job at his swim lessons! He's moved up to the next level and spends the entire 30 minute class holding on to the wall. (In the previous class, he stood on a platform while waiting to take his turn swimming to the instructor.)

Look at how far he can swim! 

He got new goggles and we tested them out over the weekend. He was so surprised when he didn't get water in his eyes. And, even if he looks like a bug, he's adorable in them!

He's pretty much the cutest thing anywhere! He and Brendon went to a baseball game with our friends, Billy and Maddux, last night. {I went for a pedicure while the boys were gone.} I just loved how excited he was when he came home and told me all about the baseball game, his ice cream, and the "big ole bug" he saw! 

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  1. Sweet Owen! So proud of how well he's swimming now! I try to use that as encouragement for SB, but she'll have none of it. she loves the water, but is not even up for trying to jump in or get her face wet. Brittany, you look beautiful! Pregnancy looks great on you! I am waiting excitedly to hear that Luke has finally arrived. His room is perfect too!