Friday, November 1, 2013

Luke @ 3 Months

Guess who's 3 months old already!

Luke is growing up so fast.  He's hit the 3 month growth spurt, eats all the time and his cheeks are filling out. He has the sweetest laugh that captures all of our hearts, even Owen tries to get him to laugh. Hearing Owen laugh with his little brother is pretty much the most entertaining thing I've ever seen.  

 I really feel like these 3 months have gone by faster with Luke than they did with Owen.  I'm sure that's part of the reason why we find ourselves holding him more or letting him sleep with us instead of in his crib.  Yes, he's starting to go to sleep on his own and will stay in his crib for several hours (8 hours is still the record), but usually ends up with us around 3am. He sleeps on his side and smiles at me as soon as he wakes up. I wouldn't trade that smile for a full night's sleep... not yet at least.  I keep thinking about the saying, "The days are long, but the years are shorter." It just reminds me to treasure the stage that each of the boys are in now and not wish for them to grow up faster. 

Luke thinks Daddy is a perfect cuddle-buddy! 

His smile is perfect and we love the squawk he made while trying to laugh. His laugh is a very new development and only lasts a few minutes before it turns to tears. 

About a week before turning 3 months old, we started making an effort to let him fall asleep in his crib. Each night he gets a bath, lotion, pjs & a sleep sack (he actually sleeps better without having his arms swaddled now), and then we read a story in the rocking chair.  I lay him in his bed and he usually drifts off to sleep. There have only been a couple nights that he cried for us to come back and cuddle him to sleep. 

This month he's had lots of new experiences and gone to visit cool new places. 

At the beginning of October, the Hart's flew in from Shreveport to visit us!  We loved having them at our house and it was fun to see the baby boys together for the first time. 

Owen and Sara Beth picked up right where they left off.  They play so well together and it was interesting to see how their interests are starting to influence the games they prefer. Owen would rather be playing with a train or construction truck, while Sara Beth is really into playing pretend and coloring. 

They both loved visiting Gilcrease Orchard here in Las Vegas.  The apple cider donuts were a huge hit, too!

We've lived in Las Vegas for a year now and finally took the time to go to the Hoover Dam.  Luckily, the government shutdown didn't effect the dam and we were able to walk the bridge that overlooks the dam, as well as drive across. 

Pictures just can't describe how massive it is! 

We also had fun going to the drive in movie theater! We saw Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2.  The kids sat in the trunk of the SUV and ate popcorn for 1.5 hours ... no really, I'm not sure how they ate that much popcorn! The adults sat in camping chairs just outside the car and both baby brothers took a nice nap.  It was a night with perfectly crisp air and no bugs! 

 During their visit, Adam WOW'd us with his Etch A Sketch skills.  We were all so impressed, you can tell he's an architect. I kept the Etch A Sketch up on the kitchen counter for several days after they left because I just couldn't bring myself to put it down... knowing that it wouldn't last a second in Owen's hands!

John David was sleeping the last evening they were here and missed out on the group photo, but we did get several adorable shots of him in our back yard. He has the sweetest smile and hair that has such spunk!

Later this month, we packed our bags and drove to Phoenix to hang out with Jessica, David, and Bryce!

I packed our suitcase and Owen threw in the "essentials" a.k.a. Construction Trucks!

The drive was better than we could have imagined! Both boys were very well behaved and even took a nap at the same time. 

Owen and Bryce shared their toys and played well together this trip.  Both boys are growing up and must be embracing their big brother and future big brother roles because they really seemed to have fun together.  They've got to stick together with 2 new babies joining the group!

Bryce is going to be a great big brother! He loved holding Luke and telling us all about his eyes, ears, and nose.  I'm pretty sure he's spent more time holding Luke than Owen has. Owen loves his little brother, but he doesn't ask to hold him very often. 

During our visit, we went to Schnepf Farms.  It was our second time visiting the farm and this time the highlight was riding the train! If there's a train anywhere... it's a highlight for Owen!

To get into the Halloween spirit, Bryce and Owen decorated pumpkin shaped sugar cookies!  Both of the boys took a turn licking the icing and sprinkles off their cookies. 


Owen's loving preschool and took his first school picture this month.  I couldn't wait to see it and think it turned out so stinkin' cute! When I look at him in this picture, I think he looks a lot like me. 

Luke is one happy guy!

Last year, about a week after all the leaves fell off the trees, we started seeing our friends post pictures that they'd taken on Mt. Charleston while the leaves were still yellow.   Since then we've been talking about taking a photo there and dreaming about what our next family photo would look like.  We drove up and found this beautiful spot.  I couldn't have asked for a better photo of our family of four.  It's been printed and now lives in the center of our collage wall. 

Once we were back home, we took a few pictures of the boys with our pumpkin too. 

For Halloween the boys dressed up in coordinating costumes. Owen's dressed as Sulley and Luke is Mike Wazowski. 

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