Friday, March 7, 2014

Luke @ 7 Months

And FULL of personality!

The bloopers from this month's photo session crack me up. 

Making people smile is Luke's #1 goal in life.   {Of course} everyone thinks their baby is exceptional, but in terms of social-skills... Luke has the most personality I've ever seen! He's like a little magnet, drawing people in with his huge gummy smile and those "I dare you not to smile back" eyes! This month Luke has had even more opportunity to fish for smiles because we've started letting him ride in the shopping cart and in his stroller (without the infant carrier attached).  He's a solid sitter and can last an entire shopping trip in the buggy.  He likes all the attention! 

Luke tried a few new foods this month.  The most fun were puffs & ribs. Yes, we gave him the bone and let him suck the sauce off. He loved it and had sauce from the top of his head to his elbows!  As we gave Luke the rib, we couldn't help but laugh at ourselves because we never would have given that to Owen at 7 months. Fact is, Owen has still never had a single taste of ribs! I think we missed the window of opportunity and now he refuses to eat them.   

We fit the "Second Kid" Luvs Commercial to a T! (If you haven't seen it, click the link... it's cute!)

Speaking of being a second kid... what's the best part of having two boys? 


He'll probably hate them when he's older, but for now it's so sweet to see him wearing the same clothes that Owen wore.  This is the same outfit big brother wore on his first Valentine's day! 

I love to put the boys in matching outfits.  Luke doesn't have a Lamb of God Preschool uniform shirt, but his navy little brother shirt was a pretty close match. 

We can already tell that Luke loves Owen and wants to be just like him! He couldn't care less about his baby toys when big brother's cool toys are within reach.  

Along with keeping up with Owen around the house... Luke is now learning to swim just like Owen!

This is Luke on his first day of swim lessons.  He was a natural!  The instructor commented on how quickly he started kicking, how easily he adjusted to the water (which can be a weird sensation for babies), and in 3 weeks of lessons he's gone from being the new-kid-in-town to the teacher's pet top-of-the-class! 

Here are a few more pictures of the boys and the exciting things they've done this month... 

I'm still not sure why Owen chose to stand like that in the picture, but he was happy... so I'm fine with it!

Luke enjoyed swinging at the park for the first time!

The weather is perfect here in Vegas, so we decided to soak in a little vitamin D. 

When Luke is outside, you can really tell that his hair has started to grow.  The male pattern baldness has calmed and now the hair is much more even. 

At his 6 month checkup (that was a little late), he weighed 15 pounds 15 ounces (17th Percentile) and was 26 inches tall (40th Percentile).  He's wearing size 3 diapers and has outgrown most of this 6 month clothes.  He's consistently sleeping from 7pm to 5am (if we're lucky... sometimes 6am).  Before bed, he gets a 7 ounce bottle.  Then, we change him and he wears a sleep sack to bed. After reading his book, we place him in his bed and hand him his lovey.  He rubs the soft side and drifts off to sleep on his own. This process has made nap times and bedtime so much easier! 

I'm going to write an entire post about Owen later this week.  He's the best big brother ever and cute as can be! 


  1. Oh! I love how chubby he is now! Sounds like he and JD are two peas in a pod! Our shopping trips take twice as long as they should because all the little old ladies have to stop and chat with him.

  2. I love that jenny junk is in the picture on the bottom. Good to see the old girl still has some bounce in those curls! Luke is starting to take on characteristics of his own now! Rylee is excited to visit.