Thursday, April 24, 2014

Luke @ 8 Months

Tomorrow, Luke will be 9 months old! 

Tonight, I'm catching up on his accomplishments during the month of March.

I'd say his biggest accomplishment is... growing! He now weighs 18 pounds 2 ounces and wears 9 month clothes (that are getting a little tight!)

He's sleeping like a champ! 

His normal sleeping schedule goes like this... 
Wake up at 7am
Naps at 9am, noon, and 3pm
Off to bed at 7pm

He absolutely loves taking a bath and particularly loves chewing on the bathtub toys!

Luke's attention span for toys is much longer than ever before.  He'll spend about 15-20 minutes pulling toys from his toy bin, playing with them, and then throwing them as far as his little arms can! 

The park just got a lot more interesting for little brother--- He loves sitting in the swing and watching Owen play!

At home, Luke likes to sit in his exersaucer and walker.  He stands right at my feet each night as I cook dinner! 

Luke graduated from Baby Swim 1! 
He's now in the Baby Swim 2 class, which means he still swims with Mommy or Daddy, but gets to work on his underwater skills, kicking, and back float.  

This was officially the last month of sitting still.  As of March 18th, Luke can crawl! All those hours of plank and baby push ups have paid off. 

The most exciting time this month was when Luke got to meet Aunt Alicia and Danya!  I love that my sister lives in my timezone again and especially loved the weekend we got to spend together! 

Danya and Owen were thick as thieves! She also loved to hold Luke and has now officially held Luke more than Owen.  It must be a boy thing.  Owen loves his brother, can't wait for Luke to wrestle and play, but has never been very excited about holding him.  

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