Saturday, September 12, 2015

Movie Playroom Reveal!

Lights, Camera, Action! 

It's been a busy day full of Ikea assembly, ironing, and fluffing--- but totally worth it because the boys' Movie Playroom is a wrap!! 

We've been in our new house for almost three months and practically every room has been decorated since Week 2.  Maybe I'm an overachiever... or maybe my husband left for an entire month almost immediately after we moved here! Either way, we're settled and loving our house.  

Before moving in, I'd pretty much planned out each room based on the rental listing photos and ordered the few new furniture pieces that we wanted.  The only room without a plan was the playroom.  I had never seen any photos of the loft and ---let me tell you--- it was a HUGE bonus! (Have I mentioned how lucky we are that our house ended up being great!?!) When we drove up on move in day, and I took my first tour of our new rental, I was shocked at how big the room was and slightly regretted selling our old couch before we moved! Even though it's a big space, I wasn't sure how much the boys would actually play up there.  I assumed the boys would bring their toys downstairs, so it became the lowest priority on our list. As it turns out, they love it and we spend so much time up there that I decided it should be a little more comfy and cozy.  Don't get me wrong, reading with 3 people in one rocking chair is cozy, but not exactly comfy!  This weekend we added the new couch, a rug, lots of pillows and hung up all our movie themed artwork. 

And, without further ado... 

When planning Owen's 5th birthday party, we purchased some adorable movie themed signs from Hobby Lobby.  They made a great backdrop for the movie concessions table at the party and seeing them in the playroom now reminds me of all of our sweet friends that were there to celebrate Owen! 

The room has a movie theme {and a very ironic teeny-tiny tv} but my favorite part of the entire space is the reading corner.  We purchased this Rolling Utility Cart from Ikea and filled it with books.  It could hold many more books, but Momma's learned her lesson and no longer gives the boys access to ALL the books.... because picking up ALL THE BOOKS takes forever! Now, I rotate out the books each week. 

I wanted bean bag chairs for the Owen and Luke to lounge on. And, of course, I found perfect red corduroy bean bag chairs... for $40, which may not sound so bad until you buy two! I refuse to pay $80 for bean bags. Come on-- It's a giant pillow that two little boys are going to flop around on! I knew I could make them and hoped it would be less than $80 bucks.  
These ended up being $24 total!! 
I practically stole the red fabric from JoAnn's ($4.50 for 3 yards --- it had a flaw in the fabric that I noticed while it was being cut and I got the entire 3 yard piece for 75% off!!!) Then, Meamaw sent me a picture of her newly reupholstered living room cushions and I copied the black and white fabric she used, $10 for 2 yards!  I bought a set of two Memory Foam Cluster Pillows that was $10 and then cut open 4 old pillows that I had been storing in the closet instead of throwing away. (I'm really not a pack rat, except when it comes to items that "I might make something out of one day")  

They are six 22"x22" square pieces of fabric sewn into a cube and filled with tons of stuffing! Easy and *Warning* very messy to actually filled with stuffing.  It was worth the messy craft room floor! 

I found these two canvases sold as a set for $30 at Kirklands and grabbed the popcorn and ticket pillows there too! Plus, a Labor Day discount code and free shipping. Woohoo!!

Brendon was super sweet and offered to go to Ikea today to buy the White Ektorp Sofa that I'd been internet-window shopping for since the first day I saw the playroom!  He also bought the black and white rug that I've been drooling over after seeing it on Fixer Upper (Season 1, Episode 6).  

After about 30 minutes of ironing the white slipcover and hanging the artwork, the room was DONE! I absolutely love it and really like that the theme will grow-up with the boys.  I sure hope they like that couch because it's probably going to be make an appearance in their college dorms! Mark my words... mwahahaha! 

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