Thursday, July 21, 2016

Now Taking Reservations!

No, seriously --- Come see us! 

We have lived in our Colorado home for a full year. {How did that happen?!} And, after having a few overnight guests brave Owen's old cramped set of twin sized trundle beds, (You know who you are... thank you for not leaving during the night and checking in to the Fairfield Inn across the street making the best of it.) We decided that it was time to make a more welcoming space for guests in our home!

I knew that once we sold the twin size bedroom set, we'd have one extremely blank canvas and lots of brainstorming to do! I went to my favorite place to brainstorm... Target! I bribed Luke with an individual carton of Goldfish, Dollar Spot toys and unlimited iPhone playtime (thanks for the wifi Target!) while I wandered the aisles.  That's when I found the accent pillows -- talk about working backwards!  Most people start with ideas about colors, maybe some furniture picked out, a mattress even, nope -- I start with pillows!

I brought the accent pillows home and went to my next favorite place for ideas... Fixer Upper!   30 Seconds into my favorite show and what did I see?  The accent pillow --- MY accent pillows!! It was the Target accent pillow that was in my hand.  Joanna Gaines and I have the same taste! And, she shops at Target... so cool.  After that, making the bed was simple ... copycat time!  White Farmhouse Headboard, white pinch pleat comforter, three tan accent pillows, and an extra blanket at the foot of the bed.  Why reinvent the wheel, right?! 

The Farmhouse Headboard was Brendon's handiwork! We followed the Ana White Farmhouse Headboard Plans and learned valuable lessons about making sure the wood you choose is straight.
*Cough, cough*
Anyway, after building the headboard, we caulked the fool out of that thing and BAM!

 It actually looked like the picture from the example.  We recruited the cutest little painter in town and he painted the entire frame white.  

I finished it up with 3 coats of Polycrylic.  I've found that brush on Minwax Polycrylic is THE BEST way to protect the white finish because it won't turn yellow overtime.  

With all the white on the bed and cream colored curtains, I knew I needed to add in a little more color.  I went on the hunt for teal nightstands and found a great set! 

The wall opposite the bed needed a cute little shelf and more turquoise decorations to tie in with the nightstands.  I've had the shelf since college, but all the other items are new. The milk jar vases are from World Market.  The ball/arrow thingy is a clearance shelf find from Michaels. And, Hobby Lobby came through in a big way with the decorative ball, picture frame, knob wall hanger, turquoise H and the chalkboard.   I bought the lamps there too -- because you can't beat their 50% weeks! 

Alicia came to visit while I was in the process of redoing the room, so I did what any little sister would do {I showed her all my cute ideas and I made her sleep in the twin bed hahaha!} Then, I asked her to make the chalk drawing for the Welcome sign.  Plus, she designed and created the awesome Be Our Guest sign!  
She's such a good big sister! 

His and Hers nightstands

They each have a burlap covered box with bathroom supplies, just incase you get here and realize you forgot to pack something!  I looked for two vases that would complement each other, yet wanted one that was more feminine and a masculine vase. (ha -- A masculine vase. It that an oxymoron or what?!) I'm totally into succulents right now. The colors are great and they're easy to grow -- just kidding, they're fake.
But they look pretty and they'll never die! 

The rolling cart is a Maskog from Ikea.  The color totally matches, but the storage function is the best part because our guests use the hall bathroom, which is also the boys bathroom and it has very little cabinet/counter space. And, let's face it -- you don't want Owen and Luke playing with your toothbrushes! 


I loved working to make the space homey and really hope that our guests love visiting us! 
Who's coming to visit next!?!



  1. Everything looks amazing! Love how the bed turned out. I need your expert decorating advice for our house!

  2. Your new guest room looks stunning. Really, Brittany your artistic talents are endless and hats off to the carpenter and painter too.