Saturday, February 26, 2011

An Excuse to Buy Power Tools ---Arr Arr Arr!

Game night is one of our favorite times and we're always looking for new fun games to play. Our friends introduced us to a game called Wahoo.  It's a dice and marble game that's similar to Trouble except you get to work with a partner. Of course, we played guys against girls. And, even though the guys lost EVERY single game (not that I'm bragging or anything) Brendon loved it and wanted to make one of our own. 

Our project began on Donut Saturday. Lucky for us, Krispy Kreme is located near Lowe's and Hobby Lobby (a.k.a. The Lobby---- for those of us that spend as much time there as I) 

We found the marbles at The Lobby.  They are actually "Game Replacement Marbles" for Chinese Checkers, but they'll work perfectly for Wahoo.  And, it was super easy to find 4 paint colors that matched the marbles. 

Next, we were off to Lowe's for the wood, stain, and a drill bit.  Owen enjoyed about 5 minutes of staring at the ceiling fan display and a long nap as we wandered the aisles of the store looking at everything from counter tops to lawn mowers.  Once we remembered our mission, we found a 24 inch piece of precut wood and a set of Forstner drill bits.  

Back at home, Brendon got to work. He found the center of the board and worked out from there.  Measure twice... drill once!

After he'd marked out the placement of the dots and drew lines in so we could see how the game board would look.

Owen's napping....BRING ON THE POWER TOOLS!   Arr, arr, arr   Yes, he did use our dining room table as a workbench. We don't have a garage--- and I was right beside him with the vacuum sucking up the wood shavings.

 Here's what it looked like once all the 1/2 inch holes were drilled and before it was stained.

The most time consuming part was taping and painting the game board. But, it was worth all the work. Didn't he do a great job?!?

If case you are wondering how to play, here are the instructions.....

Each player begins with four marbles of the same color. Players place their marbles in their home space. Players roll a die to see who goes first, then roll either a six or a one to begin the game.

When a player rolls a six or a one, she moves one marble into the starting position. She then rolls again to see how many spaces she can move. Each subsequent time that she rolls a six or a one, she has the option of either moving her marble the corresponding number or moving another marble into the starting position. Every time a player rolls a six or one, she gets another turn.

Players can't pass their own marbles, nor can they land on them. Players can jump over other players' marbles. If a marble lands on an opponent's marble, the opponent's marble goes back to it home. If a player rolls a number that can't be played, he loses that turn. Play continues until one player moves all of his marbles into his own home space, winning the game.

I got these instructions from: 
How to Play the Wahoo Marble Game | 


  1. This is awesome!!! Love how you call Hobby Lobby, "The Lobby"!!!

  2. Did they havebigger circles at Lowes? I'm trying to find a huge wooden plate, but this might have to work instead.

  3. Tara- The Lobby is my favorite store in Shreveport! I don't know what I'll do when we leave Barksdale.

    Alicia- They did have a bigger size and smaller. There were about 6 different options.

  4. Okay, seriously...I have to play this game!! It looks so fun! You guys did such an amazing job making it! Oh, and when you decide to move...we have The Lobby here in Phoenix, right down the street from Chipotle! ;)