Thursday, February 24, 2011

Lucky Fish

We have 8 lucky little fish!  Well, they are lucky this week --- we did a little fish tank remodeling.   Our poor fish have spent the last 10 months living in the most boring, colorless tank. In our defense, Brendon and I were busy learning how to be parents during our fish tank hiatus. The fish had to take a backseat.  We did occasionally refill the water (mainly because the sound of trickling water drives me nuts) and they have an automatic feeder. They were fine, but their quality of life just got a lot better! 

We bought a new tree-stump decoration (loving referred to as Shrek's House), new plants, and a stone background paper.  Here are pictures of the transformation. Owen loves watching the fish swim around. He tries to catch them, but ends up slapping the tank and leaving little tiny fingerprints on the glass.  It's so cute! 


  1. I love The Owenator's expressions!

  2. It looks great! I bet those little fishies are loving you guys! :)