Thursday, July 14, 2011

a month, what?!?

I'm not quite sure how an entire month has passed since I blogged last. No, I take that back, I know exactly why it's been so long.

 Here's my list of excuses reasons--

1. B spent 5 weeks in Alabama for training.
2.  I was tired.  
3. Took a flight to Florida. 
4. I was having too much fun to stop and write about it. 
5. I didn't bring my computer on the trip. 
6. I couldn't remember my password to Blogger.
7. Owen and I went to Alabama to celebrate the end of SOS with B. 
8.  If I had blogged in Alabama, it would have been all about B's accomplishments. And, he said that's not being humble. I will say, however, that B is aMaZiNg and very distinguished ;o)
9. Family 4th of July trip to Atlanta --- so much fun with the Bochats! 
10. Came home to an empty fridge =  spent what felt like an entire day of my life at the commissary and putting away groceries. 
11. I had LOTs of DVR'd shows to watch 
12. It was too hot to type--- what's up with this weather? 
13.  I was waiting for a follow up picture from my sewing day on Saturday---We took pictures today, so I'll start blogging again about my most recent sewing project! 

This is me, Brandi, and Diana on our Sewing Saturday.  We packed up our sewing machines, scissors, fabrics, and headed over to Brandi's house to spend the day making these adorable little bubble rompers for the babes!  

Drum roll, please!!!!!!

Here are our beautiful little ones in their outfits :O) 

Doesn't he look sooo sweet!!?!!

I guess he just needed a great outfit to give him the confidence to stand on his own. He even took 1.5 steps---that counts, right?! 

I am now addicted to making these cute little outfits for him. Maybe, he'll start walking when he gets to wear the next one I make him :O) 


  1. Uh hem! The last project, ummm, where are those pics? Or even the intermediary ones?
    Kisses to the Owenator! and give that cutie a popsicle! It's hot outside!

  2. This is the last project that I have finished. I have tons more to waiting to be completed, but there's just not enough nap times in a day to get them all done. I think I'm going to work backwards to blog about all the things that I've made and done this month.

    We're going swimming today so the Owenator will definitely be having a popsicle! :O)

  3. I had so much fun sewing with you and Diana! Let's do it again soon!!!!

  4. yay! you're back! I must see how the purse turned out. I've been checking every few days. (I really like purses) :-D

  5. Uncle Doug was very excited that he made the blog!