Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Penthouse

We used to live on the 3rd floor, but now we live in the penthouse! 

Did we move? No.

What's changed? Well, let's just say that when you live on the top floor and have luxurious amenities like a pool on your balcony, you are now livin' in the penthouse! 

Today, I installed a pool on our balcony (And, by installed... I mean inflated) I got the idea from my friend, Jenny.  She posted a picture on Facebook of her daughter playing in an inflatable infant bathtub on their balcony.  Genius!!! Why haven't I thought of this?!? 

Those 2 inches of water kept Owen entertained for 45 minutes!  Now, that is worth $6.99. 

It's very small--- but that's the beauty of it. I filled one bucket with water from the bathtub and that was the perfect amount for playing. Once Owen was nice and pruny, I easily dumped the few gallons of water. (I did yell out "Geronimo, look out below" just incase the neighbors were outside)

"Do you think this pool makes my diaper look big?"

I was misting him with the spray bottle and it sent him into a splashing frenzy! 

(Insert high pitch squeals)

At this point, he really thought he was swimming. He was kicking his feet and blowing bubbles in the water, just like he does in the big swimming pool. 


I can't wait to spend more afternoons playing in our Penthouse Pool! 

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  1. Fun, fun, fun!!!! That Owen is a cutie!