Sunday, October 7, 2012

Halloween Decorations {Year 2}

Q: What's the best part of last year's DIY Halloween decorations? 

A:  They're DONE! 

Last year I spent hours and hours and hours wrapping white, orange, and yellow yarn around the BOO letters, making candy corn, gluing down googly-eyes, making a Halloween wreath and quilt.  

This year it took about an hour to transform the house from our everyday look to Halloween central! Most of that hour was spent climbing around in the completely unorganized Harry Potter closet hunting for the Halloween decorations. 

Of all the decorations, this one is my favorite. It's a pictureless picture frame.... one day I'll actually submit the order on Shutterfly and it won't be empty anymore. But, with or without a picture, I still love it! Susan and I made all of our Halloween decorations together last year. We thought they would be fun & quick projects. It was fun for sure, but this frame was the only one that we finished together and it took us TWO DAYS!  

.... Maybe we were talking more than crafting...

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  1. I LOVED making Halloween decorations with you!!! I didn't make anything new this year without you. :(
    I actually just printed out a new sign for the middle of my eyeball frame. I'll send one to you that you can use until you find something you like better. I miss you my friend!!