Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Baby #2 at 14 Weeks

We're having a baby!  

Yes ~ you've all known for weeks, but now my pants are growing tighter and I've officially switched over to maternity clothes, so I'm thinking it's time for weekly updates!

At the end of November, I took the test and found out I was pregnant...SQUEAL!!! I hadn't even considered how to announce the news to Brendon, so I had the fast and difficult job of finding the perfect way to tell him about Baby #2.  I decided Owen and I would meet him for lunch and I could figure out a fun way to tell him there. The rest of the morning was spent teaching Owen how to tell Daddy about our big news. It's kind of funny, now that I type it I realize that Owen was the first to know! We drove to the base and I bribed Owen the entire 35 minute ride... "If you say this to Daddy, we'll buy you a quesadilla and chocolate milk!" We anxiously waited for B to come out of his building and as soon as he opened the car door, Owen held out my iphone with the pregnancy test picture on the screen and said, "Mommy's gonna have a baby!" He had the biggest smile on his face and hearing him say those words was so sweet!

We used our Christmas card to announce the news to our family and friends. I've never been so anxious for mail to be delivered!  Of all the states and countries we sent the cards to, we found out that Shreveport gets mail the fastest. I'm also pretty sure that the mailman in Chiefland likes to sabotage any mail the I send to Meamaw and DaddyBob because after a few days of waiting, I had to called to tell them the news... I just couldn't keep the secret in any longer!  We also got to see who carefully reads those Christmas cards :O) It made me giggle every time I'd get a call or email weeks later that said, "I just read your card!" 

11 weeks, 1 Med Clinic OB Orientation, and a TON of pamphlets later, we got to meet our doctor and see the baby! This was my first experience seeing any doctor on base. I was uncertain. I knew any doctor would have a hard time competing with Dr. Tynes, but the added mystery of a military doctor really made me nervous. As it turns out, I love Dr. Dorris! She spent tons of time with us during the first appointment, explained how the military hospital worked and differences that I might notice, and I was happy to find out that I'll see her for every appointment and she'll be there for delivery! 

I couldn't get an ultrasound during my first appointment, so she squeezed me in for one after lunch. Unfortunately, Owen got so sick at lunch and Brendon stayed with him while I went for the first ultrasound alone.  The screen on the portable ultrasound machine was tiny, but I could see the baby swimming around, waving {at least it looked that way}, and itty bitty little fingers and toes. 

The first trimester was HARD! While pregnant with Owen I felt completely normal, but with Baby #2... I was green with nausea! Cooking food, touching meat, smelling everything, even thinking about food was repulsive. Thankfully, the magic of the 2nd trimester seems to be setting in! 

Here are my updates at 14 weeks... 

Total weight gain: 2.5 pounds

Maternity Clothes:  I skipped the unbuttoned pants look this time around and jumped right into maternity jeans several weeks ago. On Wednesday, when B took this picture, I wore a maternity shirt for the first time and the extra room was super comfy. I really like how long they are too-- it covers up the giant elastic band around my belly. 

Sleep: Yes, please! During the first few weeks there were several sleepless nights, but once the pregnancy induced insomnia disappeared, I took up Owen's sleep schedule.... early to bed + an afternoon nap time! Brendon is super sweet and takes care of Owen's breakfast, vitamins, drink, and keeps him entertained each morning to give me a few more minutes of rest. 

Nesting: It's starting to kick in. Several mornings this week, Brendon cleaned the kitchen (yes, from the previous night's dishes. I'm a total slacker lately!), took out the trash, straightened up the living room... and I was inspired to clean this house! The closest thing to cleaning that I had done in weeks was wiping up the most disgusting parts of the floor with a baby wipe. Seriously... it felt really good to have the energy to vacuum, clean the bathrooms, finish the laundry {and actually put the clothes in the closet instead of in heaping piles in the laundry baskets which had become their second home!} 

Purchases:  We haven't started buying baby items, yet. So far the only purchase has been for me... Brendon bought me a Snoogle Pillow. I'm glad he did because this new pillow is wonderful! 

Movements: I can't tell exactly. I feel a funny fluttering sometimes, but I'm not sure that's the baby. It might just be lunch digesting! haha

Food Cravings:  I knew I was feeling better when Brendon asked what I wanted for dinner and instead of crying  I knew exactly what I NEEDED... a cheeseburger!  I think I could eat a cheeseburger for every meal. I haven't actually tried that yet, but I crave them all day.  Instead of cheeseburgers, I've been eating a lot of pickles, popcorn, Gala apples {I've decided I hate every other type of apple, who knew I was so picky?}, pretzels, and breakfast foods throughout the day. But, even when I feel famished, I can only eat half of my usual portions.  Other than Toasters Strudel {so bad, I know} I don't really crave sweets, which is unusual for me. 

Looking forward to: Tuesday's appointment with the doctor and finding out the gender on Thursday

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  1. Sooooo exciting! I haven't taken a single picture this time around. :( I look forward to seeing your belly grow each week, friend!