Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Baby #2 at 20 Weeks

We've made it half way! I feel like picture is an optical illusion because I feel much bigger.

Total Weight Gain: No idea--- I haven't seen a scale all week. Owen and I have been on vacation in Shreveport, so next week's number could be a big one! 

Maternity Clothes: Wearing them daily and washing them constantly. I've found several different colored shirts that I like, but I still only have a few pairs of pants that don't drive me cRaZy. I wear, wash, and wear again all week long! The extra washing has also been necessary because the belly is getting in the way and I've dropped everything from toothpaste to taco meat on my myself this week.  My friend, Brandi, is also pregnant and gave me the idea to wear my napkin on the belly instead of in my lab and the messes are much more manageable! 

Cravings: A Humphrey Yogart from Counter Culture!!!

Diana and I stopped by Counter Culture today with the boys after a playdate at the park and the yogurt was heavenly!  A "Humphery Yogart" is plain frozen yogurt topped with granola, honey, bananas, strawberries, and grapes that's served at Counter Culture restaurants here in Louisiana. It's so delicious I didn't have time to take a picture before I devoured it.  I've tried to recreate the flavor at frozen yogurt shops in Vegas, but no one can match that taste. Yum!!

The boys loved their frozen yogurt treats too! Getting a picture of the two of them was quite challenging. They wanted to have a dance party in the restaurant, so Diana handed them the flower pots from the table centerpieces to keep them still. It worked just long enough to take about 20 photos... of which 1 is good.

Highlight of the Week: Our trip to Shreveport!!! If you would have told me 5 years ago that I'd be vacationing in Shreveport, Louisiana I would have laughed. But, after living here for 3 years and meeting such wonderful friends it's become a city that feels like home to us. Owen and I flew out on Friday to spend the week. We've celebrated Brandi's baby shower, had daily playdates, gone to bible study, and all 3 families have been together for dinner almost every night.  It's so hard not to post every single picture we've taken of the kids. They're just so sweet together and picked up right where they left off 7 months ago. I'll post more pictures later this week too.

Brandi, Sara Beth, Diana and Tristen picked us up from the airport on Friday. As soon as he saw his friends, Owen dropped to the ground and rolled with excitement.  T ran right to us and gave Owen a big bear hug. SB's reaction is adorable! 

They're inseparable! 

SB and T's dads watched all the kids while the moms celebrated Brandi's baby shower and got to go out to lunch! 

T's little brother, Sawyer, has grown up so much since August. Owen's also been very sweet to him and getting lots of big brother advice from Tristen!

He's played so hard. This day, he just couldn't seem to get out of bed once nap time was over! 

Owen's carried his baby sock monkey around EVERYWHERE! I think it's his little piece of home that comforts him. He asks about Daddy all the time and we've been able to call and FaceTime every night. B's mustache makes Owen laugh and he tells Daddy all about the airplane ride we took. 

Brandi and Diana have taken turns making dinner for everyone. I know they've been working hard to plan and play all these days, it means so much to me! 

We braved the grocery store with 2 boys and made it out with everything we needed for dessert. {And, only one short meltdown from Owen} 

The boys "egged" SB's house before our playdate. They colored a sign for her door and hid 12 Resurrection Eggs in her front yard. Tonight, Justin told the kids the story before bedtime. 

We played at the Duck Pond on Tuesday.  Owen loved this park and we even saw the our 3 favorite ducks that always swim around together.  They're like a sweet reminder of Owen, Sara Beth and Tristen! 

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