Sunday, March 20, 2011

The wreath that almost wasn't.... and a perfect weekend!

 Back in February I wrote about home decor ideas that inspired me in my post Daydreaming about Redecorating.  The first project I finished was the EAT sign that's now looking beautiful in our kitchen!

And, the next item on the list was the Sunburst Mirror Wreath.   I've been planning on making the wreath to decorate a blank wall in our master bedroom.  I loved that she used an old hymnal instead of just an old book page. 

But, hymnals were much harder to locate than I'd expected. I was thinking, "Who uses them anymore?!" 

Well... apparently they're all still hanging out in back of the pews in churches ~ our church included.  I suppose that makes sense.  I mean what would churches do with the empty pew space if they got rid of the hymnals?

I'd almost given up on the idea of making this wreath.  But a normal Saturday with my guys and huge amount of spring cleaning revived my enthusiasm! I'll explain....  

First, there was Donut Saturday at The Duck Pond. Owen says, "Quack, quack, quack!" 

Playing on the swings and loving it!

Kicking off his shoe every few minutes---and laughing every time Mom picked it up!

Look at that cute kid :O)

Dad had more fun on the slide, but Owen didn't cry so that's good enough.

 A wild ride on the seesaw!

And a shopping trip to find a new pair of shoes--- that actually stay on his feet :O)

Once all that fun was over, Owen was tired! While he napped, Brendon and I started straightening up the house. Brendon decided to vacuum. Then, he saw the cat hair under our bed, so he moved the bed out from the wall. And, once it had been moved, we both started thinking---what if?  What if we moved the furniture around a little? I love rearranging furniture so I was all about it :O) 

This is what our room looked like before.... 

I'll show you the after picture in a little while--- you see, after moving the furniture we had a huge empty space above the bed.  I knew exactly what the empty space needed--- A sunburst mirror wreath! 

We drove to 3 used book stores and finally found a hymnal to use. The wreath was simple to make and just required a little lot of hot glue. 

 Here's the finished product! We loved it---

But, Sunday morning we woke up and found this above our heads.... A GORILLA GLUE EXPLOSION! 
(I may have used a little too much glue---oops!)

So, Brendon used a screwdriver to rip it apart.

 And I started hot gluing, again.  After all this hot glue gun work, I no longer have feeling in my fingertips-- seriously, being crafty comes at a cost!

But, it's completely worth it in the end! I think the second-go at the Sunburst Wreath looks great!  And, I only used a tiny dot of Gorilla Glue this time :O)

Here's our bedroom AFTER.... 

We love it and plan to find/make 2 mirrored frames that will go on each side of the wreath. 


  1. Should have gone with a staple gun! I love staple guns! Cute sunburst! Give big kisses to my little man!

  2. I don't know how you have time to make all this stuff and take care of that precious little one. All your things looks great. Very proud of you.

  3. Wow, I love your new furniture layout--the ledge with the frames looks great!

    ~ Sarah